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Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Approach.

In 2023, you shouldn’t have any excuse for a slow and non-responsive mobile website.

Users are not just limited to simple Google searches on their traditional computer.

Mobile searches constitute a large majority of all internet traffic generated in Google, people are constantly using their mobile devices to shop online, order fast food, navigate local businesses in Auckland through Google Maps and much more.

Mobile SEO must be an integral part of your well-rounded SEO strategy and you can’t even think of neglecting your mobile audience in 2023.

Is your mobile website offering a great user experience? Do you see signs of high bounce rate in your Google Analytics?  Get in touch with us for expert mobile SEO services.

Let your mobile users find a stunning and user-friendly website. Work with a local SEO Auckland agency that understands your needs.


Mobile SEO: Our Expertise

Mobile friendly website is an essential cog of any well-rounded SEO campaign.

We are in possession of several hacks to provide a memorable experience for your mobile users. There’s a great spike in mobile traffic each year. This trend is only set to continue, You’ll need a professional mobile SEO consultant.

Do you know that Google has a mobile-first index in place? We need to work on mobile responsive design to reduce your bounce rate and improve conversion rate.

Move Forward In This Digital Age

More and more people are accessing information online on their mobile devices every passing day, so if you don’t have a rock-solid mobile SEO strategy then you’re missing out on potential leads.

Do you know that websites that have poor Smartphone responsiveness standards are highly likely to fade into obscurity?

It’s a do or die situation. You need to walk hand in hand with the times, in direction that provides your mobile users with the best user-experience possible.

We’ll help you make the most out of your mobile traffic as part of our SEO campaign strategy.


Ready for mobile penetration

There are more than 3 million mobile device users across New Zealand.

We all know that people prefer to use their mobiles for web browsing because of the convenience, so Mobile SEO is important.

Access to information is at your fingertips. Mobile Searches are increasing with each passing day. Don’t miss an opportunity because of poorly functioning mobile website

We all know that – a great mobile website can make a significant difference between failure and success.

Better Mobile User Experience

User-friendly text content and its intent has long been a core component of Google’s algorithms.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you wait 10-12 seconds for a webpage to load?

Google values well-rounded SEO Optimized websites and more importantly page speed is one of their ranking parameters – make sure your website is mobile SEO optimized lest it plummet down the rankings.

We are a team of your local mobile SEO experts, ready to help you out.

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