How SEO, SEM & SMO Help Your Website to Become a Real Killer – Part 1 (SEO)

Bond & Bond has rolled out a campaign about 3 months ago on its website – “This Week’s Top 10 Killer Deals” along with a campaign site . It is a fantastic idea to engage customers and attract returning visitors to the site. For a company like Bond & Bond who has very good brand awareness in New Zealand, plus some really good deals, the campaign site should go very well. However, is it a real killer yet? Can it be even more killing? Let’s find out.

First of all, let’s look at some figures of the campaign site –

  • PageRank – 0/10
  • No. of indexed pages on Google – 2
  • No. of indexed pages on Yahoo! – 1
  • No. of indexed pages on Live Search – 1
  • External backlinks reported by Google - 0
  • External backlinks reported by Yahoo! – 80 (70 of them are from Bond & Bond website)
  • Blog mentions – 0
  • Social bookmarks – 0

By having lots of 0s and near 0 numbers, the campaign is definitely not doing its full potential. There are huge opportunities sitting behind. What can they do to make it fly? Of course, online marketing is the answer. But I’ll dig into the solutions by looking at three important online marketing aspects – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation).


You may be wondering why the search engine index is so bad for Simple answer, the entire site is a Flash file. There is no single live letter on the site. Search engines cannot read all other contents very well except plain text. So the site has been missing a lot of traffic opportunities from search engines. Nowadays, no one can afford to leave out the search engine traffic, cannot we?

Google can read Flash files at certain extent but very poorly. The above example is how Google reads the Flash file of By having lots of “click Me” and “Buy Me” shown, it looks a little bit spammy, isn’t it?

I admit the Flash they built is kind of cool with all the mouse-over actions. But again, the whole site cannot be a single Flash. They need to change the site structure to a normal HTML site with real headings (especially H1), text copies and text links etc. They can still keep the Flash for each item instead of the normal product image, but with product descriptions in plain text.

Search engines love permanent text copy to determine the theme of the page and fresh content to keep the site live, like humans do. Each week’s top 10 is the prefect live content. An introductory copy will also be essential. They can also archive the expired specials with current prices and group them by categories and link back to Bond & Bond site. The category pages can be used as a place to introduce category level specials and/or vouchers.

From SEO’s point of view, we don’t want the campaign site to compete with the Bond & Bond site for search traffic. It will need to position itself as a heavy promotion site which is not the primary focus of the original Bond & Bond site. Good use of page titles, headings, keywords, unique content etc. will help them to achieve the goal.

You may want to argue that it’s a micro-site that doesn’t need to look and function like a normal website. It’s right, for a normal short life micro-site, we won’t need to worry much about SEO. But for a site like, it desires to act well and live forever. If Bond & Bond can optimise the site well, they’ll build up a real deal site and community over time and enjoy the free and unlimited search traffic day by day. Then they’ll be one step closer to be a real killer.

Of course, the real action won’t be as simple as I described above. It requires lots of detailed planning and twisting to make it shine. Feel free to leave your comments here or contact us for more discussions.

In the next posts, I’ll continue discussing the other killer weapons – SEM and SMO.

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