Different Types of Web Hosting

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Do you know what kind of hosting plan is best for your website? The type of site you’re going to run determines the resources that you’ll need. A simple blog requires less than a full-sized business website, and a small business site may fall somewhere in the middle. The number of visitors, amount of media and required scripting languages all need to be taken into consideration. Continue reading

Media Release Marketing Tips For Small Business

As a small business community, New Zealand business owners have a strong tendency to complete the do-it-yourself angle with everything we can, including marketing and publicity for our own business’ media releases. Helping small businesses understand and facilitate the use of media releases (often also known as a press release or news release) in the New Zealand market is a challenging thing to do given the wide experience levels of small business owners.

That said, many small businesses have cottoned-on to the changing scene online where businesses themselves are becoming the publishers of content with media outlets willingly promoting their business material, particularly when it’s of public interest (or a low news day).

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Give a Link for Christmas

To celebrate Christmas this year, we decided to give $1,000 and help build links to a number of our favourite causes. We came up with the concept of ‘Give a Link for Christmas’ where an email was sent out to our customers, thanking them for their support in 2009 and encouraging them to link to one of our favourite causes, by posting it to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious or indeed posting a link to their blog/website.  We suggested that if they liked the idea they should spread the word to their friends. Whenever someone posted a link to one of the social networks, there was a link back to the ‘Give a Link for Christmas’ landing page. Continue reading

5 Good Alternatives to Google Adwords

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Pay per click advertising has proved to be a fantastic cashcow for Google with Adwords proving to be its flagship revenue generator. Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsfot AdCenter, the ppc networks offered by Yahoo and MSN respectively,  have also tasted success though not on the same scale as the Google Adwords program.

As far as the advertiser is concerned, there is not much joy when it comes to click costs for the keywords they target in their ppc campaigns. Unlike the stock market where crashes occur, the prices of keywords have been going up steadily and there is no possibility of them coming down in future.  It is not fair to expect every advertiser to know the intricacies of PPC marketing and factors like quality score, targeting and relevancy.

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Caffeine – New Generation Google Search Infrastructure

Hi everyone,
Caffeine is the latest offering from Google which has to do with the next generation architecture for web search. Crawling large sections of the web and indexing the pages of sites is most vital for a good web search engine.

The next step would be to determine the reputation of the indexed pages and finally rank and return the most relevant pages in response to users’ search queries. Google spends a lot on resources (hardware) in carrying out crawling and indexing operations. It is quite expensive and this explains the reason why there are only 3 major search engines capapble of doing this and providing these results to secondary sites for a fee.

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Article Marketing – Still Part Of Core SEO?

Hi all,
In today’s post, I am discussing the relevance of article marketing and article directories in the context of SEO. A pretty common refrain is that submission to article directories is not valued anymore by the search engines even though it is one of the best ways of gaining a one way link with anchor text of your choice to your site. Continue reading

Bing And Yahoo Announce New Search Deal

The latest search deal between Yahoo and Microsoft has galvanised the SEO world for another bout of dynamics that will impact on the future of the search industry. The deal between Yahoo and Bing is to last for 10 years but the complete implementation will take atleast 2 years. Continue reading

Is Reciprocal Linking Relevant Today?

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Reciprocal linking is one of the most used methods to obtain links to a site to the point that it has lost some of its sheen due to excessive abuse. The web is still an untamed jungle in many ways and automotive sites linking to bridal wear sites can still be found. Continue reading

5 Ways Of Link Building- Warning: Sweat Involved

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This post aims to uncover the various ways in which you can build your external linking profile or backlinks (links pointing to your site from external sources to your site) in a decent way where you have the right to earn a link and not go about begging for it. Continue reading