SEO Success Does Not Come Easy

Hi everyone,
A successful search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign takes time and effort.

Just as Rome was not built in one day, a successful SEO campaign equates to hard work in terms of clean site design, good linking architecture, use of clean code and intelligent use of h# tags.

Most importantly, the ease of use through a clear cut navigation system leading to good content pages with clear and easy to read titles that describe what each page on your site is about, enhances the user experience.

The great news is all the above factors can be controlled by you, the site owner, to give your site a sign of respectability.

At the same time, your content reflects your knowledge and expertise in the area you have chosen to focus on, on your website, most importantly to your human visitors. This naturally leads to a nod of affirmation from the search engines as well.

You have done all you can to ensure that your site has easy to read URLs that are easily accessible to the spider bots that come to crawl your site.

If all is well, then your site gets indexed successfully and is found in the index of the 3 major search engines when you do a search for your company and/or brand name.

The time is right for you to grow this site into an authoritative source in its industry. This is where the steep ascent to the summit of success begins.Your site’s external linking profile is extremely important.

In short, the quality of links coming from strong trusted external domains pointing to your domain is one of the vital factors that contributes to the growth of authority of your site which in turn reflects on the top rankings on Google for the chosen keyword phrases in your industry.

For example, a link from a powerhouse like  is considered more valuable than a few hundred links from other ordinary sites.

It is not easy to gain such links. It takes a lot of hard work on your part to achieve high standards. One way is to have unique quality content on your site. You would be well off to have a blog on your site and post fresh content on the latest trends, updates and events in your industry.

This quality content will have dual advantage in that it forms the basis of editorial links on other well established trusted sites and secondly, it makes the spider bots make repeated visits to your site and crawl the fresh content regularly. In due course, your site will be elevated to a position of authority.

According to the latest study done by the good folks at SEOmoz, they have crawled the web using their proprietary tool called Linkscape to reveal some interesting results.

They have simulatd the crawling of the major search engines and arrived at a few conclusions from the SEO perspective in terms of metrics  that predict higher rankings.  The confidence levels indicate they are better than making wild guesses. A summary of the results are as follows:

  • Domain Diversity (above the 95% confidence level) – this means the number of different root domains that are linking to your site
  • Google’s link counts (above 20% confidence level)
  • Yahoo external links  (above 20% confidence level)
  • Google Toolbar Page Rank  (above 20% confidence level)

It is clear that the number of diverse root domains linking to your site is the strongest factor in this study. This is because it cannot be manipulated easily.

This is a clear message that dubious  SEO techniques will only hamper the growth of your site. Achieving success with short term gains on the radar will not help. To achieve the top rankings in search engines today, it is concerted well intentioned efforts that will prevail the test of time.

If you are not sure what SEO is about and you find it hard to ration your time and resources to master this rapidly evolving field, then you can leave it to the Auckland SEO professionals at Netconcepts.

Ravi Venkatesan
SEO Consultant